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By selecting this program, you can engage the AukSun Team to assist you in completing the required immigration formalities with you.

Get your Federal Immigration assessment here.

List of Eligible Occupations under the Federal skilled Worker Program.

AukSun Consultants is ICCRC certified *(RCIC # R413215 ). You can engage our team for one full year. AukSun’s team will assist and guide you right through your initial assessment, eligibility, formalities in the immigration process, the collection of documents till your selection in immigration and arrival in Canada.

Our team will assist and guide you in completing formalities e.g. language ability assessment, work experience and business/job search arrangements. Our team will assist you in completing work-related documents, your funds and net-worth requirements, proof of your relatives and creating your Express Entry profile. You will be supported in completing and sending a complete application, organising your Immigration binder with complete formalities and documents, help you with paying fees, filling Immigration forms, Interview preparation, processing times etc.

Additionally, we will facilitate you with search tools to secure Jobs in Canada, write your LinkedIn and resume suited to Canadian standards and prepare you for interviews. Guidance about Medical Examination, Immigration Interview, and changes in your circumstances is also provided.

Our terms of engagement can be viewed here: http://www.auksun.com/terms.html

Our consultancy fee is PKR equivalent to US$450 upon registration and USD 1,000 at the time of your selection. You can pay using a debit or credit card: 

To pay through ATM or Bank Transfer you may click the link below:


So go ahead and make Canada, your new homeland!





  • Stage 2. Documents you require
  • Stage 3. Your IELTS preparation
  • Stage 4. IELTS – An Overview
  • Stage 4A. How to be fluent in English – Part 1
  • Stage 4B. How to be fluent in English – Part 2
  • Stage 4C. How to be fluent in English – Part 3
  • Stage 5. Your Education Evaluation
  • Stage 6. Videos on ECA Process
  • Stage 6A. HEC guidelines
  • Video 8. Advancing foreign credential recognition


  • Stage 7. Funds and Net-Worth preparation
  • Stage 8. Proof of Relatives abroad
  • Stage 9. My Friends abroad
  • Stage 10. Introduction to Express Entry profile
  • Video 4. Immigrate to Canada – How to create an Express Entry profile SAMPLE
  • Video: 10. Express Entry _ Immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker.mp4
  • Stage 11. Let’s create your Express Entry profile


  • Stage 10A. Introduction to Provincial Nomination profile


  • Stage 12. Gathering my work related documents
  • Stage 13. How to Write a Good Resume SAMPLE
  • Stage 14. Your LinkedIn profile
  • Stage 14A. How to rock LinkedIn: The beginner’s guide


  • Stage 15. Sending a Complete Application
  • Stage 16. How to organise your Binder
  • Stage 17. Practice on mock forms
  • Stage 18. Documents you require
  • Stage 19. Paying Fees
  • Stage 20. How to fill Immigration forms
  • Stage 21. Processing times


  • Stage 22. Job Bank and research tools
  • Stage 23. Search for a Job
  • Video 3. High Salary Jobs in Canada
  • Stage 23A. Guidance for Employers
  • Stage 24. Be prepared for your Job interview
  • Video 6. Job Interview Canadian
  • Video 7. How to Apply for Work Permit Visa in Canada


  • Stage 25. Medical Examination
  • Video: 11. Life in Toronto.mp4
  • Video: 12. Moving to Canada _ What You Should Know _ Money-Talk.mp4
  • Stage 26. Interview at the Embassy
  • Video: 1. Top 5 mistakes at Visa interviews – Part 1
  • Video 2. Top 5 mistakes at Visa interviews – Part 2
  • Stage 27. Changes in my circumstances


  • Video 5. How to Talk to Immigration Officers at the Airport in English
  • Video: 9. Permanent Resident Card.mp4


  • Acknowledgments, Reference links
  • Bonus Material
  • 13. Making Economic Immigration Work for Canada

    • 1. Disclaimer
    • Stage 1. Applying for Canada
    • Stage 1A. Engage Immigration Program -Synopsis



Azeem Khan, member ICCRC; R413215, Tel/WhatsApp: +92(0)300 285 7861 AukSun Consultants was founded by Azeem U. Khan in 2001 and later incorporated on 24th Nov 2005. Azeem Khan is an L.L.M and MBA and member ICCRC Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council No. R413215 & ex-CSIC. He is entrepreneurial having over 20 years' experience of various businesses, law firms and multinationals.

9 thoughts on “Engage AukSun Team in your Immigration

  1. When everyone is claiming to be specialist, I met the real professionals the AUKSUN. A team of dedicated professionals gave me the peace I needed. Handled the complete process in an utmost proficient manner, providing step by step guidance. Immigration is not only getting a visa, it’s about settling and AUKSUN provided me with all the invaluable knowledge required to successfully complete the process. Its not just consultant it’s a family and I am proud to be a member of AUKSUN. One word to summarize Brilliant and One I Owe is Thank You AUKSUN

  2. I got my Canadian immigration in 5 months with Auksun. I can’t find words to explain my thoughts of how Mr. AZEEM helps not just with immigration but also how to live in Canada like locals. He explains the values of Canadian system and how to transit from home country. Immigration with Auksun consists of applying for immigration, integrating with new homeland and understanding Canadian job market.
    Thank you Auksun and a big thank you Mr. Azeem Khan.

  3. AukSun is a very unique consultancy that does everything very differently compared to others. They are innovative, thoughtful and always focused on thinking ahead. At first, when I read about the way AukSun operates I was skeptical about proceeding with them for my immigration process, but after meeting Mr Azeem, I was adamant on lodging my application through AukSun only and noone else. You will receive sincere advice regarding all matters and it’s not just till the point of getting your visa but also much after that. AukSun really engages you with out of the box thinking and ensures that your application is fool proof and settlement in Canada is well planned.

  4. My pursuit for immigrating to Canada started back in 2014. Before that, I had tried my best for Australian immigration, but despite having all the required scores, I couldn’t get through the Australian immigration. Someone suggested me to meet Azeem at Auksun for trying my luck with the Canadian immigration. It took me a while to finally secure Canadian PR, but one thing that I noticed during numerous meetings I had with Azeem was his first hand in-depth knowledge of Canadian rules. Even important was his continuous commitment with my application through out the process, unlike unregistered consultants who submit immigration application on behalf of applicants like me and then are gone for good! I have always been an admirer of Azeem’s pleasant and supportive acumen. God bless him, May he keeps changing lives!

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