Engage AukSun Team in your Immigration

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    • Stage 1. Applying for Canada

Stage 1. Applying for Canada



Thank you for engaging AukSun Team to facilitate you in your Immigration Preparation and settlement in Canada.

At any time, you wish to speak to us, you may contact us.

So, let’s get started! 

(It is hoped that you have completed your assessment and expected score through Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) by now. If not please do so. We will send you our assessment of your strengths and weaknesses).

At this stage, please fill in your IMMIGRATION Client Information Form and send it back to us.

  1. Gather your details and fill this form accurately with all your details
  2. This form will help us in completing related forms for your immigration
  3. Do read our terms and conditions of service.

When you have done that, we can together go to the next stage.

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6 thoughts on “Engage AukSun Team in your Immigration

  1. When everyone is claiming to be specialist, I met the real professionals the AUKSUN. A team of dedicated professionals gave me the peace I needed. Handled the complete process in an utmost proficient manner, providing step by step guidance. Immigration is not only getting a visa, it’s about settling and AUKSUN provided me with all the invaluable knowledge required to successfully complete the process. Its not just consultant it’s a family and I am proud to be a member of AUKSUN. One word to summarize Brilliant and One I Owe is Thank You AUKSUN

  2. I got my Canadian immigration in 5 months with Auksun. I can’t find words to explain my thoughts of how Mr. AZEEM helps not just with immigration but also how to live in Canada like locals. He explains the values of Canadian system and how to transit from home country. Immigration with Auksun consists of applying for immigration, integrating with new homeland and understanding Canadian job market.
    Thank you Auksun and a big thank you Mr. Azeem Khan.

  3. AukSun is a very unique consultancy that does everything very differently compared to others. They are innovative, thoughtful and always focused on thinking ahead. At first, when I read about the way AukSun operates I was skeptical about proceeding with them for my immigration process, but after meeting Mr Azeem, I was adamant on lodging my application through AukSun only and noone else. You will receive sincere advice regarding all matters and it’s not just till the point of getting your visa but also much after that. AukSun really engages you with out of the box thinking and ensures that your application is fool proof and settlement in Canada is well planned.

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