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Many dreams get beaten out of us because we fail to invest time, effort, or resources on our progress. We think of it as an expense. In fact, it’s an investment, where you are the asset. Work to build your personality and it will reward you in the long run.

Your resume is not a chronological list of events that happened to you. It should be a living thriving masterpiece beaconing your achievements and personality.

When you are looking for a job in Canada or abroad, you should picture yourself as a business looking for clients. Understand your client, and you have a selling product. You need to give yourself a brand, a logo, and a portfolio. Invest in yourself. Create your production strategy and a marketing strategy.

Let’s get started …

Our consultancy fee for this program is PKR 108,000 or US$680 or GB£500

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What you get from this program

What You Get From This Program

Part 1

  • What is included in the program *(preview)
  • Your Toolbox
  • Shared Vision
  • Ideas
  • Group Participation
  • Positioning
  • Listening To Employers
  • Listing down Employers
  • Your Visiting Card & professional profile photo
  • Creativity
  • Buzz words
  • Leadership
  • Efficient Procedures
  • Authenticity Sincerity or Dedication

Part 2

  • Listing your Job profile on Canadian Job-bank
  • Work Samples
  • Openness
  • Use of Technology
  • Video Presentations
  • Creating a Pull Strategy
  • Salary Trends
  • Publications
  • Volunteering

Part 3

  • Innovation
  • Synergy in Technology and Industry
  • Reach Enhancement
  • I Care
  • Important Links
  • Global Issues
  • YouTube Channel
  • Collaboration and Team Work
  • Futuristic

Part 4

  • Market Analysis
  • Interviews
  • Appearance Profile  – Job profile & Immigration Application Profile
  • Acknowledgment and Reference reading

    • Module 1
      • What is included in the program
    • Module 2
    • Module 3
    • Module 4
    • Module 5



    Azeem Khan, member ICCRC; R413215, Tel/WhatsApp: +92(0)300 285 7861 AukSun Consultants was founded by Azeem U. Khan in 2001 and later incorporated on 24th Nov 2005. Azeem Khan is an L.L.M and MBA and member ICCRC Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council No. R413215 & ex-CSIC. He is entrepreneurial having over 20 years' experience of various businesses, law firms and multinationals.