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Add this ONE SENTENCE to create an OUTSTANDING Resume

Writing a professional resume can be difficult. Especially when you are making it in a different language for a different country like Canada. Getting your resume to stand out in a flooded marketplace can take a lot of creativity. It is important to know what to include and what to leave out. There are details often included or even necessary to put on resumes in some countries that should definitely not be included in resumes in North America.

By selecting this program, you can develop a resume suited to Canadian standards. AukSun will help you put that spirit into your resume needs. The program will facilitate you when you upload your e-resume on Canadian recruiters’ websites and job banks to secure jobs in Canada or develop your LinkedIn profile. It will ensure that your resume is not just a table of contents, but it also creates an urge in the reader to shortlist you for an interview. 

In this program, you will find more tips about each part of the resume, and then complete examples and templates of resumes suited for a Canadian job.

The cost of this program is PKR 8,800 or US$55 or GB£40. You can pay using a debit or credit card:

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So go ahead and make your resume, shine!




  • Introduction and Disclaimer (click to preview sample)
  • Preparing a Cover Letter and Resume for the Canadian market (click to preview sample)
  • Power Verbs for a North American Resume
  • Vocabulary & grammar for Resume
  • Sample Resume and way to write it
  • Drafting the Cover Letter & Resume for a Job in Canada
  • The secret recipe of a Resume for Canada
  • Tips on selecting the right picture
  • Analyzing Your Cover Letter & Resume as a Canadian Employer
  • Video Resumes
  • Business Visiting card

  • Resume - the Canadian way
    • RCW001 Introduction and Disclaimer
    • RCW002 Preparing a Cover Letter and Resume for Canadian market



Azeem Khan, member ICCRC; R413215, Tel/WhatsApp: +92(0)300 285 7861 AukSun Consultants was founded by Azeem U. Khan in 2001 and later incorporated on 24th Nov 2005. Azeem Khan is an L.L.M and MBA and member ICCRC Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council No. R413215 & ex-CSIC. He is entrepreneurial having over 20 years' experience of various businesses, law firms and multinationals.