Status of your Immigration Application

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Status of your Immigration Application

What is GCMS?

The Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Authorities keep a historical record of all types of visas applications and other requests for applicants filed within Canada and from all over the world. This includes applications for a study permit, visitor visa, citizenship, Express Entry, etc. If you are one of the aapplicants or a dependent, you may be able to access your record.

How does it help?

Study permit – If you have been refused a study permit then the GCMS notes will have the detailed notes written by the visa officer who worked on your case. These notes are very helpful for improvement in case if you plan to reapply. Most common points indicated would be any missing documents, background check, notes about insufficient funds, any concerns regarding your academic background or any documents you have already submitted.

Permanent Resident/Visitor Visa – Similar to the study permit, if your application has been refused, you can see the notes of the visa officer and appeal/reapply. If your application is still in progress then you would be able to see the update on your security check, medical check, officer’s review on your eligibility, any comments for documents requested.

The cost of this program is PKR 66,800 or US$400 or GB£300. You can pay using a debit or credit card: 

To pay through ATM or Bank Transfer you may click the link below:


So go ahead and preempt your application!


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