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Italy attracts hundreds of tourists every year. Many of them fall in love with Italy and make it their new homeland.

Italy is the European hub for higher studies, doing business, or relocating. Being an Italian resident means you can live, work or study in 27 European countries including France, Germany, and Switzerland.

AukSun can assist you in making Italy, your new destination. Our consultants and online programs offer the necessary support right at your door. You can even get paid to study in Italy, purchase an Italian home for just €1, and start a home-based business.  

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Business in Italy

Italy enjoys a slower pace and overall better quality of life.  It has beautiful affordable villas and apartments. Its towns offer stunning landscapes. Italy has a low cost of living and great transport links to travel across Europe.

Italy offers some of the top-ranking universities like the University of Bologna and Palermo.

Surrounded by authentic Italian food, rain, sunshine, snow, and wind, Italy has it all. 

The warm, friendly people in Italy, entertainment, captivating architecture, a shopping paradise, football and so many iconic cities to choose from, – you’ll never be bored.

 – “la dolce vita”.

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