Pre-Admission Preparation Process

Our Student-Client Preparation Process is designed to be straightforward and online. We follow these steps to kickstart your journey toward a world-class education:

  1. Choose a Program
  2. Prepare Application Documents
  3. Submit Application Online
  4. Interview (if required)
  5. Receive Admission /Scholarship Offer
  6. Visa Application
  7. Pre-Departure Preparation
  8. Arrival in Italy

We strive to provide a unique learning experience for our student-clients and create a memorable and supportive bond towards their foreign education journey.

Here are some examples:


Cultural Sensory Exploration Kit

Our student-clients are provided with a Cultural Sensory Kit filled with items that represent Italian culture that evoke the essence of the place. This helps our student-clients immerse themselves in the foreign culture even before they arrive in Italy.


Language and Cooking Classes

We offer regular Italian language and dialect lessons, combined with virtual cooking classes. This way, our student-clients not only learn the language but also become familiar with local cuisine, fostering a deeper connection to the culture.


Local Pen Pal Program

The student-clients connect with local Italian students or residents of Italy. This gives them an opportunity to build personal connections, gain insights, and receive practical tips about life in their future destination.


Travel-Themed Vision Board

We collaborate with the student-clients to create a vision board representing their goals and aspirations for their Italian education journey. This includes images, quotes, and symbols that inspire and motivate them throughout their application process and beyond.


Cultural Media Subscription Box

Under the Student Outreach Program, we send our student clients subscription boxes filled with e-books, recommended films, music, and other cultural artifacts from Italy. This helps the student-client continually engage with the culture and prepare mentally for their upcoming adventure.


Virtual Reality Cultural Tours

We provide our student clients with a VR headset and curated virtual reality tours of their future destination – Italy. This allows them to explore key landmarks, neighborhoods, and cultural sites before they arrive.


Storytelling Workshops

The SOP organizes periodic workshops where our student-clients learn to tell their own story through various creative mediums like writing, photography, or video. This helps them connect and share their journey with others and capture their experiences in a meaningful way.


Pre-Departure Adventure Challenges

Under the SOP, we create a series of tasks and challenges for the student-clients to complete before departure. These include trying local recipes, learning traditions, or solving riddles related to Italian culture. It makes the preparation process more interactive and exciting.


Cultural Exchange Buddy System

We pair our student clients with local Italian students that are interested in their home country’s culture. They can exchange experiences, and language lessons, and even plan future meetups once the student-client arrives in Italy.


Virtual Reality Campus Tour and Room Setup

We strive to provide a virtual tour of the campus and help the student clients visualize their dorm room or apartment setup. This allows them to mentally prepare for their living space and get excited about their future home.